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Our First Post: What We're Up To

Hi all - thanks for tuning in!

We want to use this space as a way to provide updates and insights into the work done here at LL, and we want to connect more with those interested in our start-up.

What's the latest? 🧐

We've attended some brilliant events during Birmingham Tech Week. These events gave us further insight into:

  • the start-up investment scene over the last few years;

  • the legal industry's stance regarding adoption of legal tech solutions from a past president of Birmingham Law Society; and

  • how to collaborate and pitch technology solutions as a start-up should.

In late November, we will have a chance to engage with many investors, entrepreneurs, and alumni from the University of Birmingham and showcase our start-up at the Exchange. It's a really exciting time for us, but we want to leave nothing more to be desired when the time comes.

So, to get people hooked on our vision and product, we need to accomplish a few things:

  • Testing our assumptions - without surveying legal professionals ourselves, we cannot identify the most appropriate features and functions for our software. We've undertaken secondary research to help affirm our legal tech solution, but now, we need fresh, up-to-date opinions on legal tech!

  • If you have worked in the legal industry, or know anyone who has/is, we would love to hear your thoughts on legal tech during your time in that role! All this requires is for you to complete a 5-minute survey comprised of mostly multiple choice questions:

  • Producing a pitch deck - we need to quickly and seamlessly carry our potential stakeholders and investors from our vision to our solution, and then, through the upcoming opportunities and events to collaborate with LL.

  • Wireframe - whilst we're improving our understanding of what legal professionals would look for when recommending a legal tech solution, we want to get started on producing a mock-up for our software UI. This would give us something tangible to showcase and help others better visualise our solution. We then intend to use some case studies to review the efficacy and completeness of our mock-up.

  • Review - alongside our mentors from the University of Birmingham, we need to look back and celebrate the successes and milestones we've achieved so far. However, we also need to focus on improving the work we do here at LL; this may include our systems and processes when working together, the clarity and feasibility of our monthly objectives, or the impact of our outreach.

That's all for now, but we're already excited for our next blog and showing our progress on the above.

Please feel free to connect with us through out Contact Us page and just drop us a line anytime! (link to contacts page)

Have a great week 🙂

The LL Team

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